The three things you need for success


? Real estate investing, like anything in life requires three things for success DECISION You have to decide on the direction you want to go in … in real estate that means choosing the right niche and the right training … and making sure that it’s a strategy that matches your skill sets and resources […]

Virtual Wholesaling Step By Step Checklist


I’ve gotten a lot of comments and questions about Virtual Wholesaling lately… specifically about the inner workings of the system. So I thought I would lay out the system for everyone “How To Find And Flip Properties Anywhere In The USA Using Only Your Cell Phone And Laptop… “I’ve personally developed the ultimate real estate […]

The myth of step by step and blueprints


Are you looking for any of the below? * A step by step system that will tell you what to do every step of the way * A real estate system that guides you and gives you ever possible scenario that you’ll encounter and how to overcome it * Blueprints or other diagrams that lay […]

How I listen to seminars twice as fast as you (video instructions)


Did you know that you can get through all of your real estate training materials (videos and audios) in 1/2 the time it’s taking you right now? Click on the image below to download vlc player Here is the software that I use to speed up videos online. Enter your text here…

Make Low Ball Offers WITHOUT The Seller Getting Mad At You


What if you were able to make offers to sellers WITHOUT them getting mad at you? I’m talking about making offers that are substantially below their asking price and they won’t get mad at you for doing it? I recorded this short audio that reveals three ways that you can position your offer so that […]

Reset Button


I was thinking about what would be a good way of celebrating today …. july 4th. We need to be thankful for the opportunities that this great country provides us on a daily basis…. But I have an equally good idea for today Let today be your reset button….let me explain I’m sure that in […]

$45,000 Student Case Study Using Virtual Wholesaling


I asked one of my students, Chris Brindamour, to share the results of a recent deal. He was kind of enough to write up a little case study of the entire transaction including lessons learned: The $45,000 Case Study I sent out a batch of Cris Chico postcards to absentee owners in my local market. […]