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How I listen to seminars twice as fast as you (video instructions)


Did you know that you can get through all of your real estate training materials (videos and audios) in 1/2 the time it’s taking you right now?

Click on the image below to download vlc player

Here is the software that I use to speed up videos online.

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  1. Thanks Cris – great info as usual.

    I’ve known about VLan for awhile now and use exclusively over other media players.

    BTW, the FREE interviews you just gave us are awesome.

    Thank you once again.


  2. I really like you blog and I believe in you man and the things you’re doing in wholesaling properties it’s been a lousey three years for me because I still haven’t made any money in real estate and I want to know what I’m doing wrong the reason why please tell can you help me get funding for my business chico help help help !!! I need the virtualwholesaling course.


  3. Chris,
    Great content as usual. One of the older windows media versions had this feature of being able to speed up audios and then Microsoft improved the latest and greatest version and somehow lost the feature. I am really excited to know about this software.
    R Powell


  4. I use win-amp audio player & a plug in called Pacemaker.

    It lets you speed up audio & tweak the pitch so it’s faster but won’t sound like chipmunks.

    For text, I use ReadPlease Plus. You paste any text into it & it will read it back. You can speed it up from 1 to 10.

    It has different voices. The women voices are best. The male voices sound like Steven Hawking…lol.


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