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Student spends $600 in marketing via Virtual Wholesaling and makes $22,000


Virtual Wholesaling student Tony Zamberlin was kind of enough to write up a quick case study on a recent deal of his …

?My partner, Blake Copeland, and I spent 600 bucks in marketing using the Cris Chico absentee seller postcard system back in March of this year and ended up getting a deal that on which we grossed 22k! It didn’t need much work, so instead of wholesaling the property we decided to bring on my local partner to fund the deal and the rehab.

The seller called and was very upset and just wanted out.. His dad had passed away in the house a while back and the seller couldn’t afford the taxes and insurance any longer and didn’t wanna be a landlord due to ex-wife issues and he didn’t wanna show income from the house. (Typical stuff with a good A lead).

The tax value on the house is 113k and he said he could take 60k, but could probably do a lot better since we are investors and have to make a living too.. Went to house and talked it over with him and we settled on 42k

We closed on the house, did minor rehab (hvac unit, gutters, front and back porch). 3 months later we listed for 99k and got multiple showings the 1st day.. We ran into a problem with the 1st buyer that wanted the house because her financing fell through, but then took a backup offer and ended up closing on it. My partner and I split the deal so my half of the deal, once sold and after closing fees from the conventional sale, was $8,367.10

I would highly recommend any of Cris’s courses or products..

IMPORTANT - just because Tony made money on a deal using my strategies does not meant that you' ll also make money (as stated in our Income Disclaimer here)
Tony Zamberlin
Virtual Wholesaler

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  1. Great news, and I know it can be done because of a course i had with eric and alex I have a wholesale deal from a A lead, but am needing a partner to fund my deal and split profit. Anyone interested? Tina from Oklahoma


  2. Hi Cris, I know Tony personally we are from the same town. It was pretty cool to see his deal on here. Keep moving on Tony! Cindy Devine
    Devine Properties of Anderson, LLC


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