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Product Support

For product support and questions please email us at 

Phone Support & Snail Mail

You can reach us via phone at 1-800-779-8039 however we'd recommend you contact us via email at instead of a phone call (as it's the fastest way to get help).

You can reach us via mail at:, LLC 4302 Hollywood Blvd Suite 338, Hollywood Fl 33021

Contact Cris Chico

We get hundreds of requests each month asking to speak with Cris Chico personally. As much as he'd like to accommodate all of these requests, there's just enough time in the day.

Your best option is to become a member of one of our products / services. You can also check out his Youtube for additional free training.

Interview Cris Chico

If you'd like to interview Cris Chico on his podcast please email and include the words "PODCAST INTERVIEW" in the subject line of your request.

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