The three things you need for success


Real estate investing, like anything in life requires three things for success


You have to decide on the direction you want to go in … in real estate that means choosing the right niche and the right training … and making sure that it’s a strategy that matches your skill sets and resources you have available


This is where people start to drop off.

A lot of people are in that perpetual learning stage. Where they are constantly soaking in new information but never really doing anything.


This is where 95% of the people will drop off. Most people encounter the first bit of trouble.. the first sign that something does not work 100% as advertised and they give up.

Let me tell you that NOTHING works 100% as you think it will.. you have to make adjustments.

Like an airplane that takes off and is off course 99% of the way there. the pilots have to make adjustments so that the plane gets to the destination safely.

So life is about deciding to do something, taking action, and then persisting until you make things happen.

So simple .. and yet so difficult to do.

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