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It’s not every day you get to meet the inventor of something that changed the world …

Cris Chico is the mind behind the real estate investing concept known as “virtual wholesaling.”

This simple, but powerful “flip CONTRACTS, not houses” method offers users the ability to close more deals using only a laptop …
And they can do it from anywhere in the world.

Chico’s virtual wholesaling method is the engine that powers the FlipAnywhere Academy training program, a revolutionary system being used by students to create countless millions in markets all across the USA.

When he’s not helping people create the financial freedom they’ve always wanted, Chico spends his free time with his family in Florida.

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How I Made A Fortune In Real Estate

Discover the simple social media strategy I used to make my fortune online …
Hint: I did it from home, without a license, with no startup capital, and without buying any houses whatsoever!
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The smartest and easiest type of “virtual” real estate business you can set up in just hours to start making your own fortune online
How to tap in to a new source of life-changing income using a simple copy-and-paste method on two social media sites
How to get paid handsomely for doing nothing more than finding a certain type of real estate deal … and I’ll show you how to do it all using only your laptop

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Having coached and trained thousands of students how to achieve financial freedom with his unique brand of Virtual Wholesaling, Cris Chico is widely regarded as the industry’s premier real estate investing trainer.


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